Why Are People So Evil?

i admitt im not the nicest person ever....ok fine im evil. but i dont make people feel sad cause the way they look. ive been told vewry mean things because the way i looke. people tell me im ugly all the time at school, they call me fat(which im noy, i actually have muscles), make fun of my zits. they call me ginger. which im not: i used to have red hair but i dye it now. and gingers are extremly palke people with freckles all over their body. i have only a little bit of freckles across my nose and im fairly tan. and i dye my hair a dark brown. and people say it lookjs more natural than my realy hair. and a lot of other things that make me feewl like crap. while my best friends are beautiful and thin. and all guys think their hot. so i guess i will die alone. and i wont even have cats because im allergic
LilPaleChild LilPaleChild
13-15, F
Jul 9, 2010