This Is No Fun

Let me tell you this a group I do NOT hold the honor of being the first story in. I hate being ugly. I look in the mirror and wish so hard that my body was sexier, face slimmer and hair longer. Let's face it, people want to date and be with beautiful people. I kind of envy my younger sister. She is so beautiful. By her age I was already 200 pounds and people stared at me like I was the worst thing they've ever laid eyes on. I don't hate her for it though, instead I am happy for her. She'll meet a great guy and live happily ever after in a few years. I worry that I'll be 30+ years old and not so much as even had a worthy relationship.

My being ugly keeps me in the house a lot. I remember in the 8th grade they called me Quasimodo. I tried to laugh it off but I feel exactly like him. I have no friends, no love interests and no life because I'm so hideous. I can't keep living like this. Something has got to give....
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5 Responses Jun 28, 2012

What has to give is your way of thinking girly you are pretty. Ppl are going to be people hell you could be the most beautiful girl in the world and people will still find something wrong with you girly you have to remember beauty starts within and if someone cannot accept you for you then they are not worthy of your love are worthy of being in your presence.

I wish that I could make you feel good about yourself. Give you words of wisdom or some kind of life plan that would change your life. But the only thing I can offer is my friendship. I can tell you this that if you need a friend to talk to I am here for you. I know that I'm a complete stranger to you but sometimes a stranger can be a good person to talk to. I am the one that wanted to be your friend.
As you know I'm a cross dresser. Maybe talking to me about my life would help you to understand how I feel about other people and the mean comments I get from them for being different. Something I chose to be.
So let's talk about me which may help you. I need a friend to talk to about my self esteem. Hope to hear from you soon!

Please dont be so hard on yourself

just be yourself anyway its the person inside that counts ignore the mean people and just think positive :)

Girl you aren't ugly, ive read some of your other posts and you seem to have this self esteem problem. I too have suffered with that problem for many years, starting in school. I was called fat and ugly by people all the time. My nickname in middle school was Shrek- so i know how terrible it feels for people to call you such mean names. You mentioned in another post that losing weight would help you out, well go for it. You either do it or you don't hun, there is no in between. I myself have lost a ton of weight- at one point i didn't even have a face shape because my face was just round lol. Anyway there cannot be anyone to motivate you but yourself. It's easy to give into those negative thoughts and say "screw it' and just go back to eating unhealthy foods, but in the end you will feel worse and it'll be a vicious cycle that never ends. Trust me i've been in your shoes- and i still feel that way sometimes. We cannot compare ourselves to other because that does nothing but make us feel worse, instead what you can do is try to better yourself if you feel like you need it. Im sure the only reason you think you are ugly is because you were bullied, honestly i felt that way for so long because of bullying but after i made a few changes i became a better person and some of my tormentors were even shocked to see how much i changed for the better, You can do it hun, it's all up to you.