Lol, Yes...

Apparently, my eyes give away my emotions. It's soooo not fair. >.>  Though, only my friends can read my eyes. They say they sparkle when I'm in love even if I deny it, flash angrily when I'm annoyed even if I appear indifferent, and are cold and blank when I'm depressed even when I say I'm fine... Sometimes I can hide my emotions, but at other times, it's not that easy to hide them from my friends...
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Yes it does it is a maroon. I just look at people whether it be in a photo, in person, or through a video

i want to know mine :D

Oh. I see. Soo... does my aura have a colour? How do you read them?

That is because I don't just read the eyes I read the aura and that determines ur true feelings

Hmm... I've never heard that one before...

No but I have seen them and that is not that I perceived from them I say a small child crying out for help because it was left behind and thinks it was forgotten

What have you seen then? <br />
<br />
You haven't seen me in person. -.-

That is not what I have seen in your eyes