*ogling*........... Now *troll Face*

"Oh.", is all that I respond when the often told sentence comes my way "Your eyes speak..".
I wonder if I should be happy that it will be easier for me to communicate without TALKING OUT MY EMOTIONS, or SAD that my eyes aren't speaking WHAT YOU THINK they are speaking!!
My eyes are BIG, and round. (Except when I smile, it becomes chinesey God-only-knows-how).
Since they look very EXPRESSIVE, it's said that "My eyes speak".
But they actually don't, its ME ... expressing what I really want to show you, through my eyes,.'cause there are few species purely incapable of understanding words 'said' by the combination of lips,teeth, tongue and our palate. Don't everyone agree?! = )
When I'm confused my eyes says.. O_o
When I'm sad my eyes says.. -_-
When I am happy my eyes says.. ^_^ or : D
When I think you are a ***** my eyes say.. ^_^ ..... _!_
When I see a cute guy my eyes go *_*
When I want something my eyes say.. ♥_♥

So thats pretty few I cud think of.. 4 nw..
RitzRebel RitzRebel
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Aww dats cute