yeah i have always been complimented on my eyes, the color is hazel and they are nice in size. out of no where once my performance couch pointed me out individually and said "you all need to be smiling when we are in front of an audience and she does all the time, and when shes not smiling with her mouth, her eyes smile for her, shes an exception. so please smile more." 

i didnt even think the couch liked me let alone noticed my EYES. lmao

i talk without saying a damn word ha ha ha ha ha guess what im saying NOW O.o

Sitchiba Sitchiba
1 Response Feb 17, 2010

i have met a few people like this, and i am like this, myself. funny thing is, even without words, the shared connection/communication two people share with eyes alone--is generally always VERY noticed by others!! they can't help but notice these powerful connections....