I've had a couple of people just randomly tell me.. I have a good soul... then I look at them like??? hu??/ what do you mean.. They tell me my eyes.. give out this glow even when I'm not smiling... and when I look at someone I give them this sense of peace.... they tell me my soul reflects onto my eyes.. and makes them all shinny.... I smile to just about anything.... it's a mechanism I have... so if you look at me.. dont be surprised to get a smile from me.. it's just in my nature . even when I'm down... I still smile..... dunno. .. My eyes..are a dark brow.. but when you look at them directly then have a ring of gray.. I guess combined with my seems to cheer up people

slickchickeli slickchickeli
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5 Responses Feb 18, 2010

beautiful write...enjoyed reading...superb language and flow of words are awesome..u left me speechless...these comments are not enough to compliment u i think.... .:)


I smile a lot, too. I have been told I have pretty eyes, but not that they glow...

lol... that's good to know that im not the only one

same here slick :P i smile even when im sad.