Depending On The Situation

I have been told and I agree the eyes are a gateway for those to see inside to a person and how they really feel. There have been times depending on my mood that my eye color has gone from the normal Hazel to Blue, emerald green, gold, brown, and sky blue...Now I would just have to get it recorded to my mood on the color because that would be helpful. Does this happen with anyone else?

Allanosky Allanosky
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2 Responses Feb 27, 2010

See this is most interesting, something I am still intrigued by and probably something I will add in the story I am writing ^^<br />
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Have you ever had gold color?

Hi thanks for the add I like this question because my eyes do that when I'm sick or very sad they turn almost a blue grey more grayish and clear and when I cry or in certain color clothing my eyes look emerald greenish. only when Im very happy do the look like a blue green or light blue.Not tomention that in my family peoples pupils get all big mine do makes my eyes look darker

My eyes do the same - they change from brown to green when I'm sick or sad or excited.