My Father's Law

In Jewish households traditionally there is an established law, that all children must obey, their father's. It must be observed until you are thirty years old, if you live under your father's roof!

I am unaware if this rule is enforced in other Jewish households, from other traditions - Askenazi etc - but for we Iraqi Jews it is 'de rigueur'. My father has set rules in our house, and the Shabbat rules he is vehement about. Today, we have clashed and I have been told off because I am EP'ing and because I have decided not to go to synagogue today.

I have promised him to observe today, with my prayers and with being chaste at home, but at the time he came into my room and found me here 'working' on EP and I wasn't wearing anything! I have put on my wrap now, but I will dress properly before they return home.

I am mindful that I must watch out he doesn't stop me going out tonight, since there is a party up in Aubervilliers.
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Strange that you learned about 30yo rule first now.

Is that your best or is there more?