A Bit Awkward......

In the 12th grade, I had my 7th grade English teacher for AP English. She remembered us and she went through the names of the roll sheet to see how we all looked. When my name was called, I was walking up to her when she let out "Oh my God!! You're so beautiful!!" She then turned to the class and asked. "Don't you think that she's so beautiful?" Turning back to me, she said, "You're very beautiful."

No one said anything as I looked around with wide eyes. I was shocked and embarrassed but a bit happy as well (who DOESN'T like to be told that they're beautiful?). I retrieved what I needed to get from her (can't remember what), and then sat back down while she resumed roll call.

She did NOT say this to anyone else in the class.
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it was out of line of her ... but wonderful that it happened to you. :) undoubtedly, you suffered the consequences from your classmates lol.

Haha. Yeah...it was talked about for the rest of the day...lol.

Fabulous sweetie