Imperfect Beauty

I'm not stunning but more than just cute. If I was a character in a book, based on what men who have cared for me have said, this is how I would describe myself... She has the kind of body that would be curvy no matter how petite she was, voluptuous & small. She is very fair- skinned with wavy, blond hair. Her eyes are deep blue, and a strong but feminine nose. Small, curvy upper lip with a fuller bottom lip that made her mouth resemble a bow. Straight, small teeth and a smile that coupled with a natural round face and pointed chin gave her face a heart- shape she disliked. She wasn't a beauty but had a quiet wit & charm that gave her more sex appeal than her appearance could have earned on its own. She looked more like the sidekick to a more impressive looking leading lady in a movie, not the main attraction. A Jane Eyre with sexuality, someone could love her body & soul if they could just look a little longer, but most didn't bother. Kind of a sparrow among tropical birds, but her song was the sweetest.
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Jan 13, 2013