Not Up To Me

When someone tells me I'm beautiful, it takes some effort to say, "Thank you," and smile. The effort is large no matter how often I hear this compliment.

It sounds vain, and I always wonder, "What did he/she mean by that?" I've been told I'm beautiful when I actually think I am, as well as when I'm feeling dirty, fat, bloated, miserable, etc.

Whether being told in the throes of passion, or when meeting a date after making the effort to "gussy up," or when doing nothing unusual, there are situations when being told such a thing is disturbing. Some are more acceptable than others, for sure. True, sometimes I feel more beautiful than others.

Despite this, I've been told I'm beautiful when I'm sweaty and grimy and smelly, as often as when I'm primped and coiffed.

But really ... who am I to judge my beauty or lack of it? Beauty -- it's famously said -- is in the eye of the beholder, and to denigrate their opinion of me is insulting. To deny it is disingenuous at best, and disrespectful, too.

Besides, it's feels nice to be told I'm beautiful. ;)
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1 Response Jan 16, 2013

jeremfg, it's all about learning to accept what is not up to me, and learning to let things slide. ;)

jeremfg, unless one is a painslut ... ;)

jeremfg, thanks for being a fun and intelligent correspondent! lol, seriously, it's fun!

jeremfg, i was going to say, you will have hell to pay because i'll be a ***** to my co-workers tomorrow ... ;)