Images & Messages From Our Sleep


The language of our subconcious is symbolic and specific to our own code.

 Messages from our subconscious to our conscious mind are transported during our sleeping hours (or more specificly our REM sleep)

Little point speaking to a friend in Chinese if they speak Italian !


Years ago I sought professional assistance with my dreams and was told the following:

@ Note your re-occuring dreams...particularly the places.

This was good advice for me as many of my dreams took place in airports and gardens.  Both places I had spent considerable amount of time, and many with emotional consequences.

@ Note the people in the dreams...are they male/female/familiar/strangers/work collegues/TV or movie personalities

@ Note whether these people are speaking directly to you or you are overhearing a conversation.

Apparently the overheard conversations are sometimes the ones to focus upon

@ Note YOUR emotion in the dream...are you fearful / calm / interested / annoyed / anxious / relaxed

AND always remember your symbols don't necessarily relate to another person's symbols

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thank you for your thoughts

Thank you for mentioning Carl Jung....I studied his works in Art History classes, I had forgotten about his symbols.

All of what you said is definitely true, but also a generalization to some degree. Our symbols are special to us -- how we feel and relate to them in real life, but there are also universal, archetypal symbols that mean the same around the world. The great Swiss psychiatrist Car Jung developed a highly complex and fascinating system for such symbols that often show up in the dreams of every day people, as well as in art and literature. His book Symbols and the Self is quite an eye-opener to anyone interested in dream and symbolism.

emridpeeps - LoL

Mmmmmm, interesting !

Now what would you make of my teapot and flowers

".....Little point speaking to a friend in Chinese if they speak Italian ..."<br />
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Well when you put it that way!

I hadn't thought of that , but I guess it does make sense.