How About...

I went out (without my husband), and got totally drunk.  Prolly more then I have ever been.  While I was out, I was flirted with, groped on, neck licked, all kinda stuff.  Well, I go home to my hubby.  And as soon as I get home, I am super super horny.  I remember telling him this, then I kinda blurred out.  The next day, my husband told me all about what I did the night before.  He said that I have never been so horny or freaky as I was that night.  Needless to say, he loves it everytime I go out, and mess around a little.

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2 Responses Feb 17, 2010

Same happened with my wife after a night out, she was REALLY hammered though, and went a little further than you..... xxx Great sex when she got home, she just didnt realise it was with me at the time becuase she was so drunk :)

I dont think I've ever been so drunk as to not remember having sex but the other part of your story, about coming home horny as hell, thats what my wife does sometimes when she goes out with her friends or has late dinner type meetings for work..... shes a monster in bed, doesnt matter how late or if im asleep already or if i have to get up early the next day.... she wont be denied, lol. i love it :)