I Have Been Too Drunk 2 Remember Sex

I had drunk way too much & i thought i had fallen asleep but wen i woke up i didnt have anything on my bottom half & one ov my bra straps were un done but i dnt remember nething but my friend said that nothing happend between us & iv begged him 2 tell me the truth but he says that nothing did but his friend said to me the other day that i did sleep with him & dat he's told him but he wasnt supposed 2 tell me so i foned my friend & asked him again & told him wot had bin said but he's still denying it & promised me dat nothing did happen now i dnt kno wot 2 think but tha obly thing is were both in relationships & its doin my hedin dat i cnt remember wot can i do ??ne1 wiv ne advice

waytoodrunk waytoodrunk
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2 Responses Mar 13, 2010

Don't get so drunk next time.

prudence and circumstantial situation points out to the fact that probability of happening something is more then that of happening nothing...moreover your friend might be having some extreme guilty conscience and fear of losing you, in case you come to know..so he might be persistent in denying it...in any case, forget it now, and continue your relationship...or you may like to think in other way also, ..like yo dont remember anything, your friend might also remember nothing and as for what he told your common friend might be his subconcious desire...take it anyway and be happy..