Married For 5 Yrs And Then A Shocker

Married for 5 yrs, then went to visit in-laws at his country. After 10 days of staying there, he got ready and went out saying he is going with his friend. After he left, his nephew came to me with weird expression on his face like he wanted to tell me something. He goes "i want to tell you something, but i'm afraid it will ruin your marriage". Then he went, "uncle is out on a date with some girl". That second, i lost ground from under my feet. I called his cell, telling him i know where he is. He came home and a huge fight broke out.

A month later, we were back at U.S. Ten days after our return, he said he is going with his friends. Couple of hours late, a hooker shows up at my door telling me that he has her phone. I opened up to him, and he packed his bags and walked out of my life. Never ever returned. He cancelled all our joint accounts and cancelled everything that was under his name at our apartment.

It has been 2 and half months so far. I wake up everyday feeling depressed and sick in my stomach. The apartment seems so lonely and empty. I cry everyday. I see no future. I miss him too much, but he won't even answer my calls. This is a true shocker. I did not ever see this coming. He always showed him love and care for me. He was always there for me. Never ever even suspected him. I'm torn apart in tiny little pieces. I still feel sick in my heart and soul while writing this. There is no sign of him ever returning. Only God can help me thru this phase.
naseem2007 naseem2007
Dec 13, 2012