Groped And ************ One The Public Bus

the bus that i got on to go home was very crowded.the only empty seat was at the rear of the bus. my **** was poking through my tight fitting blouse and the clevage from my 46c breasts was showing above the top of my low cut blouse. i was also wearing a short skirt.on the way back to the only empty seat every person on the bus was groping my breasts. and some even stuck their hands up under my skirt and finger ****** my *****. i never found out until i made it home that someone on the bus had ripped my panties off me. when i got off the bus before i made it to my house i had to put my breasts back inside my blouse. the othe passengers grabbed my breasts and pulled them out of my top and played with my **** as well as squeezing and playing with my crowded as the bus was it is a wonder that i even was able to make it off the bus with my clothes still on me. in fact one day when i got on the bus and got to my seat;i was ******** completely naked by the time i made it off the bus at my stop and had to walk to my house exposing my big breasts and the rest of my naked body to the neighbors and everybody else both walking and driving by. i do not mind it though when the men and boys riding the bus fondle my breasts and ********** me because i rather enjoy it. i think it feels great having people touching my breasts and sticking their hands down between my legs. i even let the bus driver touch my breasts and ********** me in my pussylips . i always have one ****** while riding the feels realy great. i just love it. in fact i always mke sure i'm on the same bus everyday for all the fun and the giving of the free feels to all the other passengers on the bus.lots of times i even ride the bus until the end of day when te bus driver has me all to himself and gets to enter his penis into my pussylips and up into my vagina and gets to fondle and suck my 46c breasts and big **** all he wants and with no distactions from other passengers.
topless46d topless46d
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7 Responses Nov 17, 2010

Wow. Great. I wish u could travel with you every day to touch your BooBs.

Deliscious, your such a sexy girl, I love it.

i wld luv to do the same

Short bus for sure.

What bus were you on? The looney bus ?

i d love to know u