Touched Up On The Tube

This morning on the train to work it was packed as usual all of us crammed in like sardines. Someone squeezed in behind me just as the doors shut. A moment later I felt a hand cupping my arse cheek. Not a light touch, not an accidental brush but a definite cup and squeeze.
I felt used some guy some total stranger was touching me up.
I felt excited too. I pushed my arse back towards him invitingly.
I got more than I expected as he slipped his other arm round my waist and cupped my crotch just for a few seconds.
We reached the next station and he got off the train. A woman gave me a knowing look. I think she saw what he did.
I loved it!
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3 Responses Dec 3, 2012

I did that few times... most of them did not react... seems is really a thirelling experince!!!!

i love the jubilee line see you again soon lol

Sounds fun