It was a cold morning, snow was falling but not settling, but I didn’t let that spoil my plan. I had planned my outfit with care. Matching bra and knickers, cotton and berry red. Not especially sexy but comfortable. Then I put on a pair of shiny black opaque tights. They feel so smooth against the skin of my long legs. My dress is red and it is short, very short; only just long enough to be appropriate to wear to work. Today I wear a pair of boots, black knee-length with a wicked stiletto heel. Finally I don my warm winter coat, which is just about the same length as my dress.
I wrapped a long scarf round my neck and headed to the station. I was pleased to see that my arrival on the platform turned a few heads. I wonder what cause me to become the centre of attention? Maybe it was the rhythmic click of my heels on the platform or maybe it was the audible gasps that one or two men let out. Perhaps it was the tut-tutting of some older women.
The train as usual was packed. My station is annoyingly placed near enough to the terminus for the train to be full when it arrives, but still far enough away for a tedious journey. Crammed in like sardines again, bodies bumped and pressed against each other. My boyfriend had given me strict instructions. I began to follow them. I selected the cutest guy I could find in the crowd. I stood in front of him allowing the jolting train to push me against him. Of course it wasn’t the train that meant I ‘accidently’ kept pressing my bum against him. Nor was it the train that made me wiggle just as our bodies collided, rubbing my bum against him.
He needed no second invitation. The next time the train jolted he slipped his hand under my tiny dress stroking my bum. He kept it there for two more stops, when he had to get off… I was very disappointed but there is always the journey home!
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3 Responses Dec 5, 2012

next time do it with out the knickers, oil your tights and but hole .
tell me how it felt

lucky guy

come meet me horny! i am gonna **** u in that train!