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I was riding on the Amtrak one day from Salt Lake City. I picked the wrong time to return home since it was just after 5 the entire cart was packed! I was pinched behind an elderly woman with two teenage boys behind me. When I saw them with their baseball hats on backwards and their extra large basketball jersey's I knew this wasn't going to be fun! When the train started to move I felt one of the punks rubbing my *** cheek, when I turned around to confront him the train made an unexpected jerk and I fell forward and he then grabbed my breast and squeezed. That is why I squeezed the hell out of his crotch and told him if he wanted me, just ask! His friend laughed because he was in pain after I squeezed his balls. I guess I showed him.

UtahAnn UtahAnn 31-35, F 16 Responses Sep 30, 2008

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Reminds me of when I used to take the subway to high school. In the morning it was always crowded. I would find a cute tush to stand behind and as the train started and stopped, I would casually rub the back of my hand against the butt. One time this cute young woman turned around and smiled at me. Then when the train began to move she casually rubbed the back of her hand against me, giving me an immediate hardon. As I grew, she turned sideways so she could continue to rub me and I could then use my palm to explore her *** through her flimsy dress. Before I knew it I started ******* and she held her hand on my **** until I stopped. She then blew my mind when she took that hand and put it to her mouth. From then on we tried to meet every morning. I get hard to this day thinking about it.

i use to do it a day i was on the bus ,it was crowded .infront of me was a nice girl with a big *** .i wanted to touch her but there was a little bit distance between us.i didn't take any step. suddenly the bus turns and i had a chance to lean on her.i touch her with mine and she felt it.then i took step back. she can't argue if she is not happy,as it looks like it happened accidently .she steped back one step,ohh now i know she is up 4 it. i was wearing a trouser with a big whole inside the right pocket.i put my hand inside my pocket and hold mine and touch her *** with it.sshe was really enjoying it and every time it is getting harder and harder.her *** was so soft and she keeps pressing back on mine.i was holding it and moving it all over her butt.the bus stopped some people got off .unfortunately i found there was a little bit distance between us and the bus id not full.when the bus moved i steped one step and i was able to touch her one side of her ***,she responded by moving a bit towards me. Next stop bus got very crowded and i had a chance to stand behind her exactly and there was no room between was a great position.i took mine out of my trouser and buried it between her bum,no one can see that.she had no underwear,so it went very deep.she was leaning and leaning trying to makes it touch her very sensitive the bus moving i am moving inside and outside.her bum keeps pressing mine.she was very wet and her ***** was ready to swallow it.i kept doing it until i finished ,

They must have made u so angry n so horny.

hehe great story! i wouldve done the same thing

you should have said "do it again"<br />
Did you secretly enjoy it.

LMFAO at gds555 comment

LMFAO at gds555 comment

gds555 wrote:<br />
<br />
"This story makes no sense insofar as its supposedly taking place on an Amtrak train is concerned. The story reads as if Amtrak operates a frequent commuter-train service, or a frequent heavy- or light-rail transit service, between downtown Salt Lake City and its suburbs, with standing-room-only conditions at rush hour."<br />
<br />
Um, .... not to put too fine a point on it, but you sound as if your balls really hurt.

This story makes no sense insofar as its supposedly taking place on an Amtrak train is concerned. The story reads as if Amtrak operates a frequent commuter-train service, or a frequent heavy- or light-rail transit service, between downtown Salt Lake City and its suburbs, with standing-room-only conditions at rush hour.<br />
<br />
In reality, Amtrak's service to Salt Lake City consists of one daily train in each direction, namely the westbound California Zephyr, which passes through late at night on its way from Chicago to the San Francisco Bay area, and the eastbound California Zephyr, which passes through early in the morning. (At times in the past, this train has even run less than daily.) The train is a moderately luxurious one, with sleeping cars, a dining car, and a lounge car; and it's all-reserved, which means that coach passengers would never have to stand except in the rare case that the train were accidentally oversold, or a coach car had to be taken out of service for some reason.<br />
<br />
The only other Amtrak trains to have served Salt Lake City in the author's lifetime were the Desert Wind and the Pioneer, both now discontinued, which ran daily or less than daily to Los Angeles and Seattle respectively. Those trains were basically similar in character to the California Zephyr.<br />
<br />
One possible explanation for this story is that the incident actually happened on the Utah Transit Authority's FrontRunner commuter train system or its TRAX light-rail system, and the author is under the mistaken impression that the train she was riding was somehow "the Amtrak".<br />
<br />
Another possibility is that the incident is imaginary, and the author just figured she could make "the Amtrak" the locale of her fabricated story, following the general principle that "Amtrak sucks so badly that you can make up any lies you want to about it, and as long as the lies are sufficiently derogatory, they'll probably be close enough to reality". Many professional journalists follow that principle in their reportage and commentary, by the way.<br />
<br />
Incidentally, the units of a train that are pulled by the locomotives are called "cars". They're not "carts".

Way to take things in hand

utahann your story turned me on

Read all your short stories.....your my kinda girl....and your a lil' naughty, arnt you? Grin. Monty

I didn't think about that...maybe he'll remember the pain and just move on with his life.

Good for you. So often it sounds like women accept that behavior, you did a great job turning it around and it will make him think twice about doing it again. Or he and his friend will be telling everyone this really hot babe grabbed him.........

He didn't say a word!

LOL - i bet he was in pain. Did he at least have the balls left to ask after that?