My New Cage

Master had been very secretive last night he never went up to bed like he normally does and in the morning he led me blindfolded to a large cage the I was able to stand up in he told me to walk forward until I was at the wall and turn around he took off the blindfold to see a large cage surrounding me Master told me the was now lots of room it was 16ft by 6ft width and 6ft in height Master has told me this is my new home of home and he smiled made sure the padlock was on, closed the living room door and he went upstairs. I saw some food and ate a little because I didn’t know how long he might keep me inside for, I drank some water in a dog food. I’m in the cage for 3 hours and Master finally comes into the living room and he goes past the cage into the kitchen and a couple of moments later he comes out and unlocks the cage door, he places the bowl down and locks the cage, while I eat he strokes me like I’m a wild animal then my senses get the better off me and I leap on him like a lion and master immediately tries to be quite dramatic by holding the bars trying to slip from my grasp but I won’t give him up so easily after a few minutes of struggling he decides to comply and he lowers his trousers to expose my favourite toy that I like to play with, I lick it eagerly and then Master pushes it into my a*s as I hold on to the bars as I cry in so much pleasure, in the background Safari noises play and sounds of exotic birds and animals like lions and cheetah’s play in the sound affects. Master even put a lovely greenish floor and bought some plants to simultaneously (sorry about that I mean another word, I think to recreate something) but anyway master had made it look like I was some kind of wild animal locked in an enclosure while we were in Africa or something and it was strangely so erotic that I came at least 10 times in one session, Master worked on my a*s until he came I cried out again and the cage shook really hard as I tried to contain myself but then again I thought at that moment “why contain myself, the cage is doing that” and I just howled the loudest I could and I thought “bloody hell that was loud.” After that master handed me one of the weird di*do’s I had through one of the square holes in the cage and I immediately felt drowsy and drifted into a deep sleep. I woke up some 2 hours later with the di*do still by my side and Master preparing my food. Master handed me my food and as an animal I couldn’t say thank you but his face came closer and I kissed his cheek. He unlocked the door and told me that I was amazing, I wanted to cuddle him soo much but the door had been locked but I made an excuse to go to the toilet by showing him a card on the floor and he unlocked the door, I went out and I instantly cuddled him as I went out of the room. I came back in 5 minutes and I ate my food, Master stroked me again inside the cage and the rest you know what happens.

This new cage is amazing and it’s spiced up my mating life and Master’s s*x life
MastersPet14 MastersPet14
18-21, F
Jan 6, 2013