Nude Antics In A Hotel

In Brazil, at carnival time. This very shapely 20-25 year old, I got to dancing with her and we did some very sensuous dancing with my friends cheering me on. Yes, took her to hotel. She lead us stripping in the room, and then she grabbed the towels and got me to come with her. It was down the hall to the showers - nude, both of us, me covering slightly - this is wild - but her enjoying being nude.

There was a starecase open centered, we were on the third floor or so. She leaned over the rail, her beutiful buns to the hall, those nice shapely **** in view of others coming up the stairs. 

Then she opened the hall window to the street and leaned out and said something so that guys and gals on the street noticed that bueutiful sexy body leanng out the window.

This is all true, every bit.

We went past a room and there was a door open and a fellow sailor getting sucked by this woman, both nude.  We went on, I was a little too shocked by it all to do what I might do now and that would be to have a foursome.

Yes, we screwed, three times during the night, she went to sleep while I was still trying to play for a third, but we had the third when I woke with the hardon in the morning. 

I looked for her the next night but not there.

I don't expect to ever repeat that. It was the right kind of hotel, clean and all but not with fancy patrons; it was a place for that kind of thing.



handybob handybob
61-65, M
Feb 24, 2010