This Doesn't Exactly Fit. It's About A Sexy Time I Cannot Forget.

She was about 5ft 10 or 11 inches, nearly my height. Just a very slight bit more than slim, but very nice figure, refined looking, finely groomed, nice subtle fragrance and a nice smile and voice that I do miss. Slightly graying hair. Just a very nice looking professional lady who had a suppressed horny nature.

When I became single, we met at a singles activity, and I found out she had noticed me before and been attracted to me. )I had not particularly tried to notice the ladies when I was married at that time.) So she talked to me, we danced, we set dates, went to dances and movies.

In the evenings, we would have something she'd prepared then we would cuddle on the couch. She had a religious nature that told her not to have sex, but we did everything but, and it still makes me horny to think of that. Legs intertwined, kissing deeply, feeling all around her nice ample breasts but not the nipples. Fingers around the edge of her shorts, in the top of her panties or under the edge. A couple times very near her ****, and she asked me to stop or she'd be sorry. She was ready and wanted it, "but".

I'd sure like to repeat some of those times even though it doesn't include "the act".

Once I put her hand on my lap, my trousers covering my hardened ****, and she really shuddered. Oh she wanted to take that out and have it.

We went out to a large group picnic that had families. Later someone told me that they could tell she was horny for me but they were glad that didn't break loose in front of their kids. We went from there to a neighborhood park, grassy knolls, bushes and trees, and found a shady spot that was a little secluded but there were people within 50 feet walking all around. We laid on a blanket and did a lot of making out and heavy petting, nearly getting me off and making it hard for me to get up and walk. She was VERY tactile and just loved all that sensual petting and closeness, legs intertwined with each other, you have the picture.

She took me to see her parents, way across the state. She slept in a little room off the living room, I was on a daybed I guess, and her parents in another part of the house. Didn't dare get into a cuddling scene that we were so used to.  In the morning she came out and told me how horny she was, that she wanted me so bad. I wasn't quite that verbal, but I sure wanted her.

On the way back, across foothills and mountains, we drove, her wearing some very neat white shorts. I caressed her leg with my right hand, which she welcomed. I played with my fingers on that soft skin in the upper inner leg just under the *****, fingers exploring under the shorts. For miles and miles she told me how horny she was, and she had a special treat from me when we got back to her apartment. I was sure ready. I should have found somewhere to stop.

Unfortunately the story has to nearly end there. I had to stop at my house, and something had happened with my 17 year old daughter that she was distressed and wanted me to stay there. So Sue told me that was my opportunity and that was all.

She wanted to go to the beach and on cruises all the time, more than I could afford or take time off for, so that was so strong that we parted ways fairly soon after that.

It would have been great sex, and she was such a nice refined-looking lady, intelligent and sweet. We can't have it all. So this doesn't end in the typical steamy scene.

I have had lots of great sex and steamy scenes since then in different parts of the world and life. But there are a couple deep desires for unfulfilled experiences that are on my goals.

handybob handybob
61-65, M
Feb 25, 2010