Unemployed? Enemployable More Like It

I've been unemployed for most of my life. I am on a disability support pension (approximately 1/4 of the minimum wage,) and I have that many problems and issues I doubt I could even hold down a job if someone gave me one. 

I was pressed to do a high intensity job seeking support program seven years ago, ended up finding a job, worked hard, frequently didn't get paid but should have, got in trouble for not reporting the money I SHOULD have been paid, I only reported the money I actually was paid (ie, nothing most weeks,) and ended up with a $2,900 debt for failing to report my non existent income, which was then taken out of the pension over the next 9 months.

Two months after I started working I injured myself somehow, my back froze and I ended up in hospital in a wheelchair for two months, then another month in rehabilitation before I was able to go home, and two more months before I could go back to work. It was decided I wasn't the right person for the job after all. So I worked for three months, got a three thousand dollar debt and two months on my back in a hospital bed for my troubles.

Well that was quite a few years ago now, since then I've developed a bitterly cynical attitude, clinical depression, chronic insomnia and my legs have gotten worse too. I've just accepted I'm no use to the world. I get my pension, which is enough to pay rent on a shed and buy food and pay for an internet connection. If other expenses come up I just eat less for a few weeks. couldn't even ******* afford clothes to wear to an interview, what the **** would I do with a ******* job?

Of course if YOU have an opening for a 40 year old with no previous work experience, a whole bag of chips on his shoulder who can't even promise he'll make it out of bed every day to get into work, you be sure to let me know now, won't you.

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