Frustrating Is An Understatement

Sooo, where to start. I've been a massage therapist for going on 6 years. When I first started I made great money. Soon after however, my then employer decided to be shady and make up her own bizzare and by far unfair pay arrangement for her employees.I won't go into the details because quit frankly I never fully understood her logic. I knew only I was being cheated my rightful pay.

Soon after that, I went to work for another day spa. The owner recently added a day spa to his salon. The spa in my opinion was very nice and ready for business, however my employer wasn't satisfied yet with its developement so made no effort to market it. I had to take two buses there 4 to 5 days a week just to sit there like a dumb*** and walk out of there with no money. I was being paid strictly commission. My paychecks per month...per month... were between 200 and 400 dollars. I was living on my own and my monthly expenses where far above my pay...naturally. I was finally going to school too which I was really excited to finally be doing. Needless to say, I had to get a second job to make ends meet and afford my apt, which was actually reasonable. I got a job at a grocery of the reasons I went to school for massage therapy was to not have to work these jobs for crap money anymore. It didn't work out that way lol. That was in 08'. Its 2011 and I'm still struggling to make a living in my chosen profession.

I worked for a friends business that turned out just as fruitless as the last place with added frustrations. I've been part time employed at two place. Both I was terminated from. The first was telefundraising...admittedly I sucked at that job. However, I didn't quilify for unemployment. Yeah, 5 months unemployed with no income. Nothing ppl! Good times. Finally, a job comes my way after applying a month and a half prior to them calling me for an interview. Not just any job....I a job a really wanted. Being in the wellness profession, I was super siked to work at the food co-op. This excitment disappated not long after I stated when it became immediately obvious management were d**ks and had no intention of giving me full time or a raise. They took advantage of my hard work and despiration. Their job expectations were beyond unreasonable. They expected one complete all tasks by or before close w/o the aid of any of my coworkers w/o exception. Trust me when I say this was rediculous and unreasonable. Aside from this, I loved my job and the ppl and customers. After four months these m*****rs terminated my employment stating poor work performance. No unemployment again as I don't quilify. This was in october. So not only is it terrible difficult to find employment in this economic climate, NOW I have to contend with being fired from my recent employment while applying for jobs. They never tell you why they don't hire you lol but one can guess with that being a recent blemish.

In december, I was lucky to get the heads up on a great job at an exclusive club for massage therapy. The pay is potentially great with 76 percent being my commission rate. Beginning my employment there i was happy to see I was steadily being given clients however I cldnt nail management for any set shifts. Its now been nearly a month and haven't heard from them for appts. Again, NO income coming in. This has steadily been my existence for the past 3 years.

Back on the pavement looking for menial jobs just to have some reliable income to count on monthly. So far, no luck. Its a sit and wait game. At this rate, hopefully I'll be able to pay off my debt collectors and recover my credit and HEY maybe get a f***ing degree before I'm forty. I could go on further in detail of the 100 frustrating and mind numbing disappointments I have to contend with in this whole process of trying to secure a job for just above minimum wage. Good example, I need to type up and send a resume for a gorcery store just for consideration for an interview. Any resume ideas for sandwhich making anyone???
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I have a job (that I hate) and I have been putting out several applications with no one even calling me for an interview. I finally landed an interview last week and got excited because everyone I interview with said I sounded like a great candidate etc and was told I have an interview with the CEO tomoorrow...funny thing is, I logged onto the website to look up the status of my application etc and it said, candidate not selected (but the CEO is interviewing me tomorrow)..doesnt make sense,...needless to say I will not be getting a call from the CEO because they already have who they want...this economy has been very disappointing to me and you and a whole ot of other people. 5 years ago you could put in a resume and get a job...not you can put in 500 resumes and u r lucky to get one interview

That's great! Hope it goes well - sending good thoughts!

Thanks, Trying. This just might be looking up thankfully. I turned plenty of applications in over the past few days. Today I filled one out at a really nice restaurant and got and interview for tomorrow morn. That's something!

I am fortunate to have a job right now, when many of my co-workers have been laid off in recent months. So sorry to hear what you're going through. Sending good thoughts! If you need help with resume wording, I'd be happy to help brainstorm.

Seriously, i know there has to be people that are in a similar and same position as me. Feel free to drop a line or maybe even two just for s and g's.