I Miss Having Money

i quit a perfectly crappy job to heal from a brain injury and then hey presto, the recession hit and i find myself unemployed for two years now and hating every minute of it. I oscillate between the highs and the lows of finding a job that i can do and sending out the c.v accompanied with positive vibes and affirmation and then comes the slap in the face when they tell me I'm not qualified to make beds or take the trash out. I don't seem to be qualified for anything and i don't have to money to get a qualification. this is the circle of my life. how did i let myself sink so low .... i hate this ! i miss having money and the freedom that goes with it.
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4 Responses Apr 29, 2011

soul destroying is a brilliant way to sum it up cowshed123. I sent a couple of c.vs out last week and i am praying with all my heart that this time i will find employment.

i hear ya humpty20, best of luck coz we have to keep looking eh

i understand what your going through, cos i once when i was younger, was unemployed for over 2 years, and i lived in South Africa at the time, and there was no job seekers allowance or nothing!! i was just lucky i was living with my parents!! but i can honestly say, that being out of work for that length of time was absolutely soul destroying for me!! at the moment i live back in my birth country of Scotland, and i do have a job, its a very crappy job, but at least its a job!! i try to look for another job, but i go down the job centre, and there is almost nothing available for me!! i even have a cousin who is a fully qualified electrician, and he has been out of work for nearly a year!! it really is tough out there in the job market just now, and i really feel sorry for all those that are unemployed at the moment!!!

Know how you feel used to earn good money but at the moment living off £67 per week job seaekers keep sending out Cv's but hear nothing back.