I Know It Was Wrong...

While my husband was in jail for 6 months I cheated on him about 5 times. I know it
was wrong and somehow I don't feel bad. My husband made the decison to go to jail
and I don't feel bad for fullfilling my needs. I do feel like a bad person though. Guilt sucks
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6 Responses May 16, 2012

he shouldn't have done jailable things and since u just did what any woman has a right to in those conditions I hope each time was better than the one before :)

There is hardly anything to feel guilty about. Sex is just a body need,, have it, enjoy, forget it. Where trust, care and love are the emotions needed to make the relationship survive.

Each one has a need. In this case it was the sexual need which needed satisfying.

Good discussion point. Are the wedding vows contingent on each partner doing there best to sustain a loving environment, or is it just a rigid inflexable standard. It seems that people either suffer in marriage until it breaks them in some way or the abandon the marriage at the slightest hint of an empasse.

so what is this vows thing... till death do us apart???

why should you feel bad?<br />
when you got married he promised you to do right by you.... well, he broke his promise by going to jail.<br />
As a result of HIS actions you feel lonely.<br />
Would you have cheated if he was around?<br />
Fair enough that regardless it is still your decision to be unfaithful<br />
But why should you feel guilty???? that I dont' understand

My husband still hasn't let it go. But i don't feel guilty anymore

tell him every tim;e he's a **** about it you are more happy that u indulged every time that u did :)