Just Wish

that i could have been brave enough to do something abut it when I was younger.
Now I am in my 50's and my  male hormones are decreasing i am feeling more girly every day.
I am sure it will get me in trouble someday!!
But seriously, I have always wanted to be a woman.
I have been fortunate enough (in a way) to be a single parent to my 2 kids and playing mother (as well as father) was terrific.
Now i dress in part in female clothes everyday but my thought are a females.
Love romantic stories and I can cry.
Love the feeling of soft clothes and wearing make up
christinemelody christinemelody
56-60, T
2 Responses May 25, 2012

You have done well thus far. Take advantage of today's opportunities & run with them...as hard and as fast as you can or want to. As one in his/her 60's, I still enjoy each moment as the woman I feel I am and you know what...it is grand. Enjoy!

I think your testosterone comment applies well<br />
I also think my feminine self has emerged more and more as I get a bit longer in the tooth. Its always been there, but I listen more now