Evil Plan Worked

It was last summer ..my bro – in - law , two years younger, wanted me to give a yahoo adress cuz he knew i have many friends to talk naughty who usually bring me to ****** . he is a shy guy and really needed help for that . Anyway i gave him his sisters secret yahoo im -of course didnt say that its my wifes- and told him not to show his face to her otherwise she would turn her cam off. My wife loves to show her body on cam to strangers and watch them **** looking at her body . that really turn her on ..and i **** her hardly after that.But she doesnt show her face cuz she afraids to meet someone know her .The plan worked . that night they were both on and started to write ..and finally they took their clothes off . she watched him ******* off looking her ***** and breasts without knowing he was her brother..it was so hot .
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6 Responses May 7, 2012

very ******* hot!! :p

very ******* hot!! :p

you are so evilllllll :p

i am ...

Great plan and well worked out. Know you enjoyed it.

it was so hot ..watching her looking brother s **** and fingering herself and him looking sister and ******* off

have they done it more than once?

an evil and sinister plan.......i wish i thought of it!!! very hot especially when you knew the secret. keep it up!