My 27 Year Old former Girlfriend Secretly Made A Movie Of Me Pleasing Her.

One Monday afternoon while I was going down on my girlfriend, the little minx grabbed her cell phone off of her nightstand and made a little movie without my knowledge. Now I am quite the dedicated cunnilinguist and like to give her my full attention, so I didn't know that this was going on. That evening as I was leaving, she kissed me one last time and whispered with a mischievous grin, "Check your email when you get home. There will be a surprise waiting for you."

After I had gotten home, I flipped open my laptop and was reading my emails when I found the one from her. The subject line said, "Here's your surprise." There was nothing in it but an attachment labeled, "vid01." When I clicked it, there was the top of my head bobbing between her thighs and she was screaming, "Oh GOD!!! Oh GOD!!!" I chuckled and saved it to a directory on my desktop titled with her name where I save pictures of her that she has sent me.

The following Thursday I drove down to her house and took her to a doctors appointment and as these usually took a while, I brought my laptop. I thought that it would give me something to do in the waiting room, surfing the net while I waited for her procedure. As it turned out, there was no wifi signal available, so I was just going to play some games to pass the time. But since she had not been called back yet, My girlfriend was looking at the screen with me and she saw her name on a folder and she ask, "What's that?" I explained that that was where I had filed all of the pictures that she had sent me. Well, she wanted to look and when she double clicked, it opened the "Windows Photo Gallery" and displayed the first photo she had sent me when we had met online. In it she was wearing a pretty green silk oriental looking dress.

As she advanced through the pictures, I had forgotten about the video that she had emailed me and all of a sudden, "Oh GOD!!! Oh GOD!!!" started to ring out of my laptop's speakers as her little movie started to play. And instead of moving the curser over to the pause or the stop icon onscreen and clicking, she slammed the lid. My computer doesn't go to "sleep" when you close it, so the video only played on. She jumped up and ran down the hall to hide in the ladies restroom as I am fiddling with the latch to open my laptop so that I can stop the screams coming from it. When I finally get it to shut up, I looked at the other people in the waiting room and there's a red-faced couple on my left leaning into each other trying to act as if nothing had happened. mumbling something about the weather. There's a very large black lady staring back at me with eyes as large as coffee saucers and her chin dropped to her chest, and to my right, there's a little old lady of I'm guessing to be about seventy smiling back at me like the cat who swallowed the canary.

Being at a complete loss for words, I tried to casually get up and walk out to my suv in the parking lot where I sent a text to my girlfriend to ask if she was OK. She replied that she wasn't mad, just more embarrassed than she had ever been in her life. Later we laughed and she had to call her best girlfriend to tell her what had happened while we were sitting over dinner in a restaurant.
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This made me laugh out loud, several times. Great share!

I just went to the doctor yesterday -- the waiting room was very quiet. I can only imagine how something like that would have gone over! lol

I've had a man video me with his cell phone while I was blowing him, like you, at first, without awareness. But I caught on during the act and made sure the video was good. When we watched it later together, I found it very erotic. But what was even more surprising and even more erotic to me, was when I learned later, that he'd shared it with a friend, a male friend. I have to say, it was a pleasant surprise to know that someone else had seen it. My experience was not embarrassing, but fun.