Watching Yourself Is Hot!

The first time I was videoed having sex was in 1992. The woman I was dating (who became my wife) was very open sexually as was I.  We discussed a lot of different fantasies.  She said her ex had made videos of her ******* other men.  We talked about having someone make a video of us and she knew who to ask - a gay co-worker.  He wasn't interested in being a part of the video but had no problem handling the camera.  We went to his home one afternoon to make the video.  He set up the camera as she and I got naked and started warming up with some foreplay.  He had started filling his sunken tub so we could freshen up as we started playing.  He got some good video of us giving oral to each other and ******* a little, but decided the bed would be better for the ******* scenes.  We dried off, got on the bed and resumed some oral for a while before ******* in different positions while he adjusted the camera location to get the shots.  The final ******* was missionary to see if I could *** on her tummy for the camera, which I did.  He stayed dressed throughout the time we were there.  I would have been naked and stroking my **** while watching the action!

Over the years since then, we've made other videos ranging from the 15 seconds or so you can take with a digital camera to long sessions done with video tape.  A few years ago while I was alone at times during a relocation, I used a webcam and my laptop to make a video of me while I had a nice *******.  Of course, I had seen myself *** thousands of times when I jacked off, but watching the video of me stroking, how my breathing changed and the sounds I made as I began to squirt my *** on my tummy was really hot!
SwGaMan SwGaMan
61-65, M
Sep 22, 2012