There Are Copies

A couple of years ago I had arranged to entertain a man while my husband was out of town. It was to be an encounter with just the two of us. He was a former lover and at the time he was married to my sister. She was pregnant, in her third trimester and was having some problems that precluded her from having intercourse. I was glad to help out but when he arrived at my house he had a friend with him. I was more than a little surprised but he was a nice looking young man and was a bit shy. It turns out that he was a photographer and worked making videos of weddings and other events. Edward my brother-in-law wanted to make a video and they proceeded to set up the cameras in the bedroom. I was a bit annoyed but I thought it might be fun. After we had a light dinner and a good bit of wine the three of us retired to the bedroom and Edward undressed me and then they undressed. Both of them were rock hard and they began to kiss me and soon we were on the bed and they took turns fondling me and giving me oral. I was climbing the walls and at that point I was lost in the moment. They ended up spending the night with me and there are hours of video. The photographer friend later edited the videos and made copies. I thought that my husband would be angry about it but he loves watching it. But now that Edward is divorced from my sister and out of our lives I worry that I may end up in a feature film on the web. Edward has ads on AFF and I sometimes look at it to see if he's posted videos. So far I haven't found that one.
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Well we will wait and see if you post it :)

very nice of you to take care of your brother in laws needs. I have needs to

Well, at least they gave you a copy of which I would love to see sometime. I am sure it is a very hot video indeed!

Cool i'd love to see ur vid too

pity i would love to see it

I would love to see your vid