Wearing Panties

I have worn panties for as long as I can remember and enjoy ************ with panties. Its so exciting to wear panties and I get the hardest when I am wearing and *** the hardest when wearing panties. There is just something about wearing panties that increases the level of excitement, even thinking about slipping a pair on gets me squirming in my chair. I like a variety of fabrics but satin panties are my favorites. My wife knows I wear panties and she enjoys seeing me wearing panties. She says mens bodies look so good in panties and she enjoys seeing my hard on pressing against and protruding through the fabric. She often enjoys just sitting back in a chair or on the bed and watching me slip something on and stroke myself for her, other times she cannot keep her hands off me and has to help out. We also enjoy having sex while both wearing panties. There has always been something so intense and pleasureful about wearing panties either alone or with my wife. As mentioned I get harder and *** harder and my wife loves the effect wearing panties has on me. I can get hard a second time very fast, something I cannot do as quick when not wearing panties. Check out our profile for more about us.
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1 Response Dec 11, 2012

i envy you for your wife enthusiasm ,i would love to meet her.