Once when I was is like 6th grade two bullies came up to me and told me to give them my lunch money or else I didn't have any money (I think they knew that) so they took me into the bathroom (it was lunch Break) and started to take off my clothes since it was two against one and I'm not very strong they did and took me out to the flagpole carrying me by my underwear they had I all set up and just hooked my underwear on soon I was up their and it was cold we had just stared school so it was autumn and I had to be on the top of the flagpole soon more and more kids came to throw rocks at me or take pictures it really hurt I wasn't taken down all day and since I wet myself up there I have had to wear a diaper ever since now I am usually wedgied daily but not like that just hanging wedgies in the locker room on gym day and frontal wedgies at lunch
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Can u show me pictures of your underwear

give me wedgie like that

Check out my wedgie video's :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvT-akhrylY

this is terrible why do people so unkind to each other?

My dear friend if you lived where I live you would understand. It's all so you can feel better, others pain makes you laugh, you have no choice, your bored or your just plain mean. It's how it works

Who hoisted you down in the end? A teacher?