Wedgie For The Psp

I have two bros, robert (he's 20) and willy(16).I'm 18. This happened last week, in the robert's room.
I was trying to steal him his PSP, but when I was looking under the bed, with my undies showed, Robert came in, shouting, and grabbed my tigth boxers. I tried to say sorry, but he pull them stronger. I said OWWWWW! and he asked me what I was looking for. When I said the PSP, he became angrier, and he grabbed the frontal part too. He pull up so strong, and my undies came to my neck, the both parts.
I said please, but he said me: Your pretty face and body won't help you with me!
Then, he took the frontal part and pulled it up harder. Finaly they ripped, and I fall in the floor grabing my nuts and cursing. Robert said: out of my room! and hit me in hte balls to throw me out.
But I had a revenge!! Comment if u want to know it.
wedgiejuanda wedgiejuanda
18-21, M
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How did u get him back?
Also how can u be 18 now but 18 here?

I wasnt 18 there ;) shht!! XD

You weren't? So you were 16 then? Does that mean your brother are two years younger here?

He was 15

Who was fifteen Robert or willy?

Willy, robert is older. Was 18 or 19 at that time

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Me wanna know