I Have Been With Him For Twenty Years

I met the love of my life under really weird circumstances... I had been hanging out with what I thought was my boyfriend. (He loved another, but I didn't know) We had been very close and had lost a baby, and had recently reconnected (so I thought) . Anyways, we were hanging out and drinking very late. The next morning, he picked me up around 9:30 or 10:00 am. He had a friend with him that I hadn't ever met . That was the ride of my life..., that was the day I met my husband. We went around a corner really fast and turned over, landing on the side of the small truck we were riding in. We scrambled out of the truck's door that was facing up! Then we were like "oh ****! "and PUSHED THE TRUCK BACK ONTO IT'S TIRES!! and went on our way! Straight to where I met my future husband. I was scared to death by then, everyone else was laughing and getting high, ect, but me and my future husband....My supposed boyfriend cracked a beer, and smoked a joint, and we all hung out. I didn't party, and my future husband didn't either. I met my husband that day, but I didn't even talk to him....

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1 Response Mar 12, 2010

now, I'm gonna leave him and be free for the first time in my life.