Feeling Depressed Because Of Illness ...

Now I need a little bit of hope
from my friends on experience Project
Since I became unwell with
Bells Palsy...
I Have felt extreme
Depression lack of motivation
All I want to do is cry
Stay indoors
and cut myself of
from people
My confidence
Has taken a turn for the worst
I don't know if i can face
college and all
its even getting difficult
to go shopping
I feel paranoid with everything
Never knew it would
affect me this bad...
Not really a negative person
But i can get down so easily
You don't really understand
I mean Depression
and all
until you have encountered for yourselves
My illness was Bells Palsy...
I hope I start to pick up soon
Please pray for me
when you have read this
and thank-you again
for my wonderful friends on
experience Project
You are all stars........

rosesweet rosesweet
56-60, F
Jan 9, 2013