I Was Recently Diagnosed With Bppv

This has been scary and very uncomfortable. Literally dis-settling. Think about the feeling of walking around after drinking seven or eight beers, and sans the mental stupor, I experience the same constant dizziness and feeling like I'm about to lose my balance and fall. When I'm upright and sitting quietly, I feel better, but still a constant slight wooziness.

About Me: Age 55, Male, ex-competitive track and field athlete and still very fit/active.

I went to a specialist and was diagnosed with BPPV ... Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. The Dr showed me diagrams of the chambers in the inner ear and three sets of fluid-filled circular canals that act like levelers. I dislodged some tiny calcium crystals in one or more of these canals and these little crystals have floated up into the upper canal areas where they are ever so slightly/lightly brushing against the hairs in these canals that signal the brain re my theoretical body position. But the signal to the brain and reality are a miss-match. Hence dizziness/vertigo. When it is "bad" I also feel sick and have to lay down. But I've only experienced that "I'm going to pass out" feeling once. And it passed quickly. It is amazing that a few tiny little crystals can have such a major impact on my mind/body!

The Dr has given me a series of exercises (EPLY maneuver) that I need to perform 6 times per day. And I have to be laying down to do these twists and turns. The object of the exercise is to move these tiny floating crystals back down the canals whence they came.

I may have been prone to BPPV due to trouble equalizing on too many airplane flights and years of excess fluid build-up in my right (affected) ear after long runs ... that "fluid" issue finally went away when my running mileage by necessity (age & injury) dropped off the charts.

I believe I know what I "did" to precipitate my current BPPV problem. I was at the gym and doing some heavy bench presses. But I foolishly had my rubber iPhone earbuds deeply embedded in my ears while doing the benching (hence, no air-pressure escape route). In my last few reps I felt my ears pop but I didn't stop and did 3 more reps ... my ears popped each time. I thought "no biggie" and felt fine afterward. I did not feel anything until the next morning. I got up early to pee and fell back into bed. I chuckled at myself for losing my balance and immediately popped back up to go pee ... but I did not "pop back up" ... instead I fell right back into bed. ****!!!! I knew then something was very wrong!

Hopefully this will all clear up in a matter of weeks. But in some cases it's permanent. That would really suck!
Dec 16, 2012