I Think Im In Love With My Friend.

I Have had a best friend for 5 years, we met working together we always hung out going to clubs and we always have flirted when we got drunk and she was always there for me.Even when i broke up with my boyfriend at the time.We went to  thailand together a year ago and I lost my wallet before we got there so i had no money for our trip and it caused a lot a fighting between over there.One night we went out and got locked up in a thai jail beacause i had no money was really awful she beat me up pretty bad in there, we got out in the morning.But ever since we came home our friendship hasnt been the same I had a car accident and rode it off had to go to court for drink driving she wasnt there for me that much and I really missed her badly. I then had a good male friend that was always there through my had time although i really wanted it to be her.Anyway things slowly progressed with me and him, It was some time before i spoke to her again I cant stand it when she is with a guy she is such a big flirt we have kissed so many times when we were drunk, I know how much I love her and really want to be with her I want tell her, she doesnt like me seeing this new guy wants me to be with her all the time even though things are not as good as it was when we first were friends. my feelings are very strong for her we still flirt sometimes. I dont know what to do. please help.

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1 Response Mar 1, 2010

i think you should always be straight with good friends especially when feelings are involved. Good friends especially ones that stick around are very rare!