Life With Thalassemia Major

  What will you do when you hear that you can never be a normal child?                  
  What will you say when your friends ask you why you are so thin and pale?
  What will you do when you realize that you may not have a married life like others?
                         Ya, I became very distressed when I first heard that I have Beta-thalassemia Major. When I was 3, I used to feel severe muscle-pain and headache. I looked somewhat abnormal with my enlarged spleen and retarded growth. Doctor told father that I required blood immediately, then once in a month, then twice and it would go on. But father decided to take me to our village for Ayurveda treatment. And fortunately, it worked. My hemoglobin level increased to 11.
                          At the age of 6-7, I went to Vellore and there Splenectomy was done. My condition improved quickly, though I felt tired sometimes. So I was advised to take a folic acid tablet regularly.
                          But overcoming the shadow of the disease was not so easy. I am carrying the thalassemia trait. In India, it is really hard to convince a groom's family about my perfectly cured condition. Who will want to take the risk to enter a thalassemia gene in their family? Also from the little learning I had, I know that pregnancy of a thalassemia major mother is quite rare. Whenever I thought about these things, I felt very helpless.
                          My parents told me not to share about my disease to anyone. But why should I do that? Is it my fault?
                          When I informed about my depression to the doctor under whom I was cured, he told me that I am quite lucky as I am living a better life than any other thalassemia major patients. Actually this is my second life. My new life gave me a lot. Now I am taller than most of my friends. And also they tell me that I look beautiful in jeans for my slim figure and ever-smiling face.
                          I have just given the Higher Secondary examination. Now I am preparing myself for being a Doctor. As a patient, I felt the pain. Now as a doctor, I want to relieve them from it and give them a New Life.
                          "Life may give you a hundred reasons to cry. But you can bounce them back if you have the spirit to face it."
                          I am really enjoying my my own way.
deblina deblina
May 24, 2012