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I've been a member of various sites across the web every since i was about for the last 12 years, i've been talking to, and meeting, various persons for various reasons.  mostly dating, but a few, just in general.

there is a guy i met...all those years ago...who i still talk to today.  that is a lot longer than most of my real life friendships have lasted.  granted, for the first few years we would talk and email a lot...then life takes its journey, so we didn't write as much, but still would catch up when we could.  now we're friends on facebook.  we may have met on a dating site, but...he was one of the best friends that i had back then.  and his emails STILL make me smile when i get them :)

now...there are a LOT of people i've talked to over the years...and yeah, most of them i DON'T talk to anymore b/c let's face it...when you meet a person on a dating site, go on a date or two...if the chemistry isn't there, then most of us just move on.  EP is the site i've been on where i actually still talk to most of the people i first met when i signed up for it almost 3 years ago.  which longer than a lot of my real life friendships last. 

yeah, i know a lot of people in my town...i should...i've lived here most of my life.  but i'm not friends with most of them.  i've worked with a lot of different people, but again...that makes us acquaintences...not really friends.

Online...i'm a fantastic person, trying to keep in touch with everyone, seeing what all is going on etc.  in real life tho...i'm still a fantastic person, seems like whenever someone from online meets me in person...i think they're disappointed.  we may be good on paper together, but...after a few dates...they all just move on.  so yeah, my relationships are better online...friendships included.

that doesn't really do a whole lot for my self esteem to realize this either, but...truth hurts i suppose
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thanks guys :)<br />
i's easier to make online friends than it is to make friends in the real world. i'm just not so good at keeping up and maintaining friendships in the real world. it's easy to keep in contact with my online friends, although, i admittedly fail to do that sometimes too, so...idk...the making friends part is's the maintaining that i seem to struggle with.<br />
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add to that...i have a can't really get out all THAT i think that makes a difference too at times.

I think it's because technology, internet specifically, is so convenient. Everything is ready, available and absolutely simple to use. Plus it saves so much time to meet amazing people from around the world, to keep in touch with friends and family and the like that sometimes, if you're anything like me, you can lose said communication skills and social confidence when out with people.<br />
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I used to over-analyze so much when I'd go out with friends or hang out with people from university until one day I just though; why? Why do we worry ourselves doing that?<br />
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Do you find yourself questioning what the other person is thinking sitting with you, what's on their mind, how do they really feel, do I sound boring saying this, etc. etc.? If you do, then this is a habit that needs to be broken.<br />
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If you keep worrying so much about making a good impression you'll only give in to your fears and unintentionally end up doing what you fear the most.<br />
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With the right practice and conditioning you can eventually teach yourself to break this habit of over-analyzing. It'll drive you right mad - take it from me. <br />
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You are sound like such an amazing person online and I'm sure you're the same offline :D<br />
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Don't panic much when you go out and just be yourself! *hugs*

awww...thanks CB *hugs* i find you to be just as genuine and witty as well :)<br />
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as for the people i used to work with...bunch of kids lol any of them from 16/17 to early 20s. we we had nothing else to do sometimes lol's doubtful that we're gonna be friends and hang out any time soon. however...there were two of the girls that i was semi-close to, and JB. all of which are my facebook friends lol<br />
<br />
and then there is C...who was only 16, maybe 17, at the time we worked together...he was SO illegal yet so was hard not to flirt with him...especially when HE would start it lol he still works there and made me go through his line just the other day...he's adorable lol

I may not know you in person, but I can certainly say that I can sense a brilliant light in you, a genuine heart, and a very witty mind! Regardless of what you think, I would place all of my bets that you are just as wonderful offline! Perhaps you just worry about your relationships and overanalyze them? One thing I did notice while reading...You said the people from work aren't friends, they're acquaintances. You're right, but at the same time they COULD be friends. Sometimes people think you're closer friends than YOU think! lol. This happens to me fairly often:P However, if you're like me, I'm always the one worrying that I'M thinking we're closer than THEY think. lol. Who knows who all adores you that you only think is an acquaintance:P haha.

no lol we didn't...and that's probably a good thing! EPeeps are the only lasting friendships i've really had over the years lol

Well we didnt meet on a dating site- LOL but I happen to think you are fantastic anyway you look at it :)

i try not to think about it either lol the fact the some of the best friendships i have are with people i've met online...and haven't met in person...makes me question myself at times lol