A Few Highlights From My First Bisexual Mmf

I'd experimented with a couple of guys, individually, in my late teens early 20's. There were only a few encounters total.

My first bisexual ********* experience actually started off as a hot MFM, that eveolved into a scorching MMF. (As I understand it, MFM has no M-M contact. MMF involves M-M sex.)

I had a gal pal, whom I'll call Meredith, and we had gone through a "with benefits" phase. We hung out all the time, even when we weren't sexually involved. She mentioned one time that she had seen a movie, regular, mainstream Hollywood movie, not **** or even Cinemax soft ****, that included a scene of 2 men getting it on. She found that it made her horny. After that, she developed an interest in M-M sex. She never let anyone know about it, because she didn't want people to think she was weird. When she casually mentioned to me her curiosity, she also said not to tell anyone. I asked why, and when she told me, I replied by saying it was perfectly acceptable, even expected, for a guy to enjoy 2 women together, so why would it not be ok for a woman to like guy on guy?

Once she realized I didn't think it was wrong for her to like it, she told me that she had gotten to watch some gay/bisexual ****. She said she had never been as turned on as she was watching those scenes. And she would like to see it in person. I asked if she even knew any bi guys, and she said no, at least not that she was aware of. I let it go at that.

Sometime later, the topic of MFM came up, and she said she'd never been with 2 guys before, but had always fantasized about it. She knew of my desire for MFF, so we agreed to help each other out. I called up a guy I had played with a couple of times, and asked if he was interested in helping me surprise her with a ********* that would include he and I together, he agreed. But, I didn't want her to know she was getting 2 bi guys. As far as she knew, she was getting a hetero *********.

I'll just hit some highlights in this post. Maybe sometime I'll write out the entire scenario (as much as I remember) and post it as a blog...

The MFM was going great. But after a while, he and I gave each other knowing looks, and were ready to turn up the heat. He was on the bed, lying on his back, moved down toward the foot of the bed. She was standing at the foot, bent over, sucking him off. I was behind her, ******* her as she sucked. I pulled out slowly, then walked around to the side of the bed and stood for a second. She hadn't quit sucking, and didn't acknowledge I had moved. Her eyes were closed as she bobbed up and down. I quietly said her name and when she looked up at me, I grabbed my **** and squeezed it, making it swell even more. I said "watch this", and moved toward him, my **** pointed straight out. He moved his head over, opened his mouth, and I eased into it. Her reaction was priceless. He began to suck me seductively, and we both looked at her, watching her as she reacted to what she was seeing. She watched intently for several long moments, then continued sucking him. But she kept her eyes open, and never stopped watching us.

Once the line had been crossed, the intensity of our play increased dramatically. Instead of 3 individuals playing, we became a single entity, charged and fueled by uninhibited sexual energy. Incredily erotic.

Some highlights: she and I sucking him together, him and her sucking me, then he and I licking her together. She had a powerful ****** from that.

Her first DP. Mindblowing!

I sucked and licked her **** while she rode him reverse cowgirl.

She took us both in her mouth at once...and rubbed the ***** together when they weren't in her mouth.

She watched up close as I finished in his mouth. She put her hand on his throat so she could feel him swallow.

I was on my knees, she was on hers beside me. She had one hand on the back of my head, and had a grip on my hair, holding me in place. With her other hand, she jacked him off, aiming it right at my face. When he erupted, it was thick and copious, and she moved the **** around so she could make his *** land wherever she wanted. She made sure my face was drenched and dripping. She later told me she could actually hear his *** as it landed on my skin, and the sound made her **** ache and tingle.

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Sounds hot... I can't wait for my first bi time ... Want*** badly

Loved this story...sounds like a great time and reminds me of some of the hot bi MMF's I've had.

Damn. You have described my idea of a perfect evening. I need friends that are h<br />
orny bisexuals into sharing the way you and your friends did. <br />
I am very horny now because of your story. Thanks for sharing.

Gosh that sounds so awesome, I was having a copious release just reading this.