Growing forever ?

I have big boobs, huge boobs, boobs way too big for my frame. It's the first thing people notice on me and often the only one. They just hang on my chest.

Since they started growing when I wass 11, they were always bigger than those of the other girls of my age. I have always been the big titted girl. First it was ok for me.  I was becoming a woman, which was a new thing. But my breasts didn't stay big, they became huge. They just didn't see to want to stop to grow. I soon felt like a freak, a totally abnormal girl, out of proportion. I was depressed and began to eat a lot. I gained a lot of weight (over 80 pounds). Of course my breasts also gained. They grew like never before and became gigantic. I was uncomfortable with body. I hid myself. My body and my boobs were always in the way and prevented me from doing a lot of things. I decided I couldn't stay like this and began losing weight, hoping my breasts would also become smaller. But they didn't. They stayed the same size. I would become thinner, but my breasts just stayed huge. I was even more out of proportion than before. I lost the 80 pounds and felt better in my body, except my breats that were still way too big. Once I lost it all, they began growing again.

Now I'm 19 and I wonder when they will stop. I just can't stop asking myself if there is a limit. My boobs are already bothering me a lot, always being in the way and preventing from doing things. Not speaking about backpain and the unwanted attention they attract.
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Wow, they sound really beautiful

...sorry to hear about your pain, but you shoula appreciate them more !!!

I understand dear. I was found to have macromastia when I was 13. Now Im a 38 MM. If you need any advise, let me know.

how big are they now?

Hi. I'm an Asian girl and I always felt abnormal too. My breasts were enormous in high school while all of my friends and peers had normal smallish boobs. I had always been thin, but my **** were completely out of proportion. When I started college my boobs got even bigger. I couldn't buy bras anymore and hiding them was getting hard. They practically rested on top of every table I ever sat at, and got so much attention. I was really annoyed with their "hugeness." Now up until a few weeks ago they started growing again! My boobs will not stop growing and my back is paying the price. They hang down past my waist and stick out more than a foot in front of me. Now I have come to accept that they may never stop growing, and I look at myself as a beautiful young girl with more than enough up top. Now I look forward to measuring them every day and giving them a big hug when the numbers keep rising.

Hi . What Size Are They ?

odd. i have small boobs and a big belly

I encourage you love and accept yourself as you are. There's nothing abnormal about having very large breasts. I'd say it's actually a blessing. The doctor said you're normal and healthy, so there is nothing wrong with you. You just need more support from people around you. You already have your family, but I also want to show you thi website: This website is one made by large breasted women to help large breasted women. They have gone through many of the trials and tribulations of having large breasts, and I'm sure they'll be willing to help you out. I also believe that with the proper care, you will be able to live them more comfortably. If you do chest and back exercises, I'm sure you'll grow stronger and it won't be so bad after all. I walk to school with a heavy backpack and I found that after a while, I could even push down 200 pounds with my back on the back exercise machine. Your body must have developed quickly, so the your muscles need to catch up still. Once they do, you'll feel more comfortable.

I saw this pop back up on my activities screen, and I wanted to touch ba<x>se with you to see how you are doing?

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It sounds like this has been a hardship to you so far. They are always in your way and preventing you from doing things you say. What things are they preventing you from doing? I am sorry to hear they are such a pain in your back, I hope you are able to find some means to live a much more enjoyable life. At 19 you have so much more a head of you to be held back by your boobs.

Hi, Nothing to be ashamed of.You have Macrmastia and I am an older gentleman with experience in managing, toning and containg your huge breasts. Also there are massaging techniques to reduce them but please dont as I just love abnormally large ones especially on a younger woman who is overdeveloped.<br />
Please chat with me on yellow amiley face soon as funtastic60 and we can share more..

Dear GW, for the sake of your health I do hope you'll abstain from the idea of a breast reduction. Just as much as a gastric band or any other bariatric surgery seems an easy way out of weight problems, a breast reduction looks like an easy way out of all the trials and tribulations a huge chest brings about. Please bear in mind that, just as with any other surgical operation, things can go awfully wrong leaving you with a result of a decision you wish you'd never made. You already managed to shed off the weight you once gained (which deserves respect) - you should easily manage to strengthen your back and shoulder muscles to counteract or prevent eventual backpain.<br />
Nature granted you a power you apparently haven't realized yet but when you do - use it wisely.

I have my bras made specially for me, so they support me well. The last time I bought a regular bra was almost two years ago and it wasn't really comfortable. It was the biggest I could find and when I outgrew it, I had to wear custom-mades. But it is a big improvement. <br />
Having big breasts is normal in my family, but noone has breasts my size. Even in my family, I'm abnormal. When I was a D or E cup, it was ok for me, but it was nothing in comparison of the size they are now. I don't even know their cup size, it's like I'm off the charts. At 16, I ballooned up to a 38 I and felt really depressed. After I lost weight, the last regular bra I had was a 32K and now it is too small. I had to change my bra size twice since then and it is not over. That just gives an idea why I have so many difficulties accepting my breasts. They are just way biger than regukar big breasts,

I hope that you become comfortable with your breasts. For most women I have known with large breasts they were only uncomfortable, because of how they looked or how they were treated. For me I'm physically comfortable having larger breasts, they suit me and its something I wished for and now I have them. I would not mind being even bigger, because for me I really enjoy them.. its almost like a fetish for me to want to be bigger. However, I've also known people who stare, point, make rude comments and things and I wish that didn't happen. For me, my breasts came late, so as a young woman I didn't have to put up with those comments until I was older, and more mature. At that time I was literally begging for some breasts.. and finally they came. The best part is that your doctor has said that you're perfectly normal, and healthy! You take after your family which is something to be proud of. You're carrying on a tradition known by many of the women in your family, which is amazing because you have a built in support system of others who already know some of the challenges you face day to day. If I can give any advice at all I'd say that you should always make sure to wear a properly fitted bra. Never slouch as it will kill your posture, even if it looks like you're sticking them out.. you need to stand up straight so that you don't injure your back. You'll find ways to dress up, or down as needed. I wish you all the best.

My doctor checked to see if there is something with my breasts and he didn't find anything. The other women in my family are busty, but not to my extent. They are "normally" busty.<br />
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I never heard that dairy products can have an influence. Now I watch what I eat as I don't want to gain weight again. I will try to limit my intake of dairy products. I am on birth control pill. I tried to stop and I changed sevral times the pill I took, but it didn't have any effects on my growth rate.<br />
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I hope that I will get accustomed to my body, as I really want to avoid surgery. But it is hard. I hope that when I will go to university and as I get older, I will begin to accept my breasts. Maybe not loving them, but getting along with them. It will also depend on how much more I will grow. I really hope they will stop soon. I'm already way too big. If only I could stay with the same bra size for one year... If I could I would give you all my growth and my past growth too.

There are hormonal conditions that cause this type of growth. However its very rare. Are the other women i your family large chested? If you have a condition that makes your body especially sensitive to hormones you should watch your foods, especially your intake of milk and dairy products. Lots of dairy products have hormones in them to get the cows to give more milk. Also, are you on any sort of birth control? Birth control is all hormones, and during puberty can have a pronounced impact on breast development. However despite being "huge" and feeling out of proportion along with the social awkwardness that comes with it, there are times when you might actually enjoy them. I found that once beyond high school, when I was more mature and so were my peers I wasn't so much of a curiosity, or freak show. I actually love my breasts and I'm kind of disappointing that they stopped growing when they did. I always feel like I could have used at least one more cup size. So if you can.. share some of your growth with me?