I went from a DD, to DDD, to H......Now up to a L cup

It's been a while since I've updated this story. After getting sized a while back at Lane Bryant....everything was fine the first couple of months. Then, I started to have problems. My new bras were not a perfect fit anymore. The straps were digging into my shoulders and causing me pain. My breast started spilling out of the top. So, I sewed and adjusted them myself until I could find and buy new ones. I was still having pain in my shoulders but at least I wasn't spilling out the top anymore. I sized myself with the help of lindasonline.com and didn't stop until I found my right size. My new L cup fits perfectly  and is very comfortable. My size is just very hard to find, expensive as hell, but well worth it. I came to the realization that the lady at Lane Bryant had to have known she had sold me the wrong size. She was just trying to make a sell and H cup bras are the biggest they carry in that store. She could have at least told me they didn't have my size and it would have saved me months of pain and the semi permanent dents in my shoulders (which are SLOWLY disappearing). I'm just happy to not have back problems and I don't look like a huge breasted freak. Ladies, having the right bra size makes all the difference! I actually look smaller than I am and feel waaay more confident now that I have the right size. I advise women with big breast to do their research and size THEMSELVES. I would never trust another store unless they have sizes bigger than H. Where I live, there are no stores around that carry my size so I have to go waaaaay out my way or just shop online to find my size. So if anyone might happen to know where I can find a good bra shop with bigger sizes in or near Louisiana or online please let me know. There is not much variety even online for me. I already have 2 styles in every color. It's so hard having big boobs.  LOL I am still considering a breast reduction in the future. But thanks to the advice of some of you, friends, and family members... I will definitely wait until after I have kids.
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There a custom bra maker in Atlanta. If I go to the fitting and get to enjoy your breasts I want then I will buy.

H cups sound pretty sexy!

I also love your breasts.

I understand why you want a breast reduction. But have your babies and nurse first. Otherwise they'll just get big and droop

You need a man into big breast.As a well endowed man,despite some problems I would trade a big one for money anyday.Enjoy how god made you

Please feel free to send some pictures at abdielrn@gmail.com

any photogs of those huge sexy things??? marvindamartian80@yahoo.com.thanks

I'm sorry to hear that everyone does not notice you but only notice your big boobs. I can't say that I'm better at noticing anything other then a girls big boobs, but I am getting better cause big boobs only last for so long then they get boring so it comes to the girl to make the boobs a lasting interest. love your boobs and forget the jerks from high school. and I believe but not 100% sure but breast reductions are getting better and better every year, I don't' think you have to worry about scars.

If you love em... keep em. Try and ignore us guys except the one you really love. The rest of us (myself included) are all man-amals. We can't help it. The good thing though is that once we do get past the sexual fasination and get to know you, a lot of us really aren't so bad. And when you do hook-up with someone, make sure it's a guy who loves big boobs.

Pleaseeeee dont have a breast reduction, its such a con and a waste of money as you get older they shall eventually sag and droop and shrivel up like prunes and become much smaller... So there is really no point, just wait a little while... <br />
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