Own Your Big Boobs

I developed very young. It was a nightmare having boobs--and big ones at that--when all the girls around me still looked like little boys. I was ridiculed and stared at every day. I went to extremes to hide them from the world. I absolutely hated my body, then and well into my twenties. But here's the thing. As you get older, you develop a stronger sense of self. You become proud, even a little defiant, about who you are and what you look like. Now, as a woman, I see my boobs as a reflection of who I am. I am strong, nurturing, and sexual. I'm womanly. My boobs have carried milk. They've been pillows. They've been play things. As such, I've shared them with the people I love as I see fit.

I no longer try to hide my boobs or minimize them like I did in my youth. Children are drawn to them like magnets. Men like to look at them. And as long as men are respectful, they can look at them all they want. I appreciate when people think they're beautiful, because I think they are too.
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They sound very beautiful!

Cool and very realistic. The best way to be happy in life is to be happy with yourself. Please read my story under "I remember my first bra" I have come to accept mine, as I know some good things will result from this as I go along in life.

...happy to dance naked around the 'Maypole' tree anytime with you, providing I can get my hands & mouth on your Big **** when the **** starts

If nudity were the norm,chances are the juvenile bullying and teasing you endured might not've happened at all.

I used to nestle my head into the ample bosom of the barber my Dad would force me to back in the late '60's in Camp Pendleton.
She was the ONLY thing I liked about getting my hair cut.(I was around 12-14 yrs old.)

awesome be proud- love it

Another tale to be read by any with big bust issues. Time will give you a sense of perspective on your body. Give maturity a chance.
A good tale of how feelings change with time.

Oh, your story made me be happy with how juicy and nice are my big boobs, thank you!

Great story, thank you for sharing that

I'm only 20 but I can completely relate. (I've had children always asking for hugs because they like the pillow feeling. Even my best friend shoves her head in my boobs :P No one else of course.)

big boobs are the weakness of men.......

That's how it should be. Beautifully described.. Thank you for sharing.

Hi. you are right that people need to be more respectfull. if its ok, can you email me pics of your beautiful breasts for me to see/ My email is: josephsokol20@yahoo.com thanks.

Yes, let her feel like the loved and respected woman she deserves to be and let things grow from there :)<br />
<br />
Warmly<br />
<br />