Is Bigger Better?

since i was 13 years old i've always had bigger breasts than my friends. Lots of guys say its very pretty and bigger is better, but is bigger really better? Cause i've had a lot of trouble with their size, and because they are still growing i think it will become even more difficult...
Lisannee Lisannee
18-21, F
7 Responses May 9, 2012

you should be proud of them

U just need someone to help u with them !!
They are beautiful !!

It all depends on the person..some ladies are happy with it..others get used...others just hate's all about how you feel.

U have the tools to make a man or woman do as u asked, yes I believe that u are the master of ur desires !!

be proud of what god gave you.. and if anyone says anything bad.. they are all jealous lol

Its not in its size , rather how you look and how firm your **** are

Is bigger better? Well that is all a matter of opinion. Some people like big, some people like small. The only opinion that counts is yours. <br />
<br />
What sort of trouble have you had? If you are having back troubles and that sort of thing then its best to see someone medical & get some advice. If you are talking about self confidence problems you have to learn to love yourself and enjoy what you have. Believe me, once you do that the world becomes a much better place.