Big Boobs, Always Been Proud And Loud!

I want to first start by saying that I have boobs. Most girls consider mine big, I think theyre just right. I am NOT upset at how big they are, or afraid to show them off. So many girls with boobs half the size of mine are so ashamed of their size. I have never and will NEVER be like that. I'm proud of them, they make me feel feminine. I never played sports, don't have an interest, I dont really like exercise lol, its not a big deal.

Big boobs are NOT a burden. They're a gift! They're amazing and I feel bad for any girl who thinks she has to "deal" with them as opposed to "enjoy" them. Thats just my thoughts and also my way of introducing myself. My name is Maria, new here and want to meet people! If your a woman, I don't care what size, stop being so ashamed and upset. They're not getting any smaller!
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I enjoy big **** too. I luv the way they feel ;)

That is the best way to be - it is your body so enjoy it, and let others enjoy as well!

mmmmmmmmmmm nice

Three thumbs up!

I love your post. You seem happy with who you are.

Is it a 44G .

It's great you have felt that way from day one, when more people start to enjoy and love their own bodies the world will become a much happier place.

Love how confident and proud you are of yourself. I wish other girls would learn to accept what they have and love themself the way you do..... can you add me I would love to see more of you

Wow! What a great attitude! I think I like you :)

BTW, my name is Joe. Nice to meet you, Maria!

Glad to see someone who is proud of who and what she is. Please add me.

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This should be inspiring, have you seen a user called "BreastMilkDoc" and read his stuff?

I have been researching this for a while:

I read that most women can easily induce lactation without being pregnant, larger breasts (E cup or larger especially, depending on how big you are) naturally make at least some milk all the time which does not come out. Some bigger women may feel an ache, itch, tingle or warmth inside as their boobs swell from fluid inside, or sometimes leak during period if full enough, very natural. Maybe is just natures way of motivating them to massage, which can help lactation or seek nipple stimulation as this promotes comfort and lactation.

More people need to learn about the benefits of lactation, almost all women can lactate by massaging their breasts or using a pump, they can drink it themselves or feed others. In fact, human milk provides everything the body needs and boosts the immune system, prevents cancers and is digested more easily than any other food. There is evidence that males are naturally attracted to large breasted women as females fed their mates as well as the whole family group, while males did most of the fishing, hunting and gathering, they worked for their mates and society was female dominated or matriarchal.

And that is why humans are lactose tolerant, or the ones from those cultures. There are drawings of breasts on cave walls everywhere, stone idols of busty goddesses, showing women were important and probably the main providers before the agricultural revolution 6,000 BC cows came along and spread across Europe from the east.

I think this was covered up in the 20th century to suppress the fact women were powerful and highly respected, or they did not understand the culture and nature of our ancestors. The fact that human breastmilk may have been the staple of our diets for over 32,000 years, surprises many, if one were to think it all makes sense now anyway.

You can use my material, spread the word or ask me questions :)

Thanks for reading, I hope it was thought provoking and helpful <3

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if all women were like you
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What a great attitude!

you have the right attitude.

Brains and beauty and sex appeal ! a strong confident positive lady who is comfy in her owm skin is such a major turn on ! you are a smart sexy lady ! keep your head held high and stick out your beautiful **** babe ! you ll go far ! cheers to you !

Word, sexy godess, I feel you and you got my attention and full respect. Hope that you would like to add me to your circle. Hugs

You are very wise Maria. So many young women are so depressed about their looks and want change. You have an amazing positive attitude.

Glad to see another women proud of what she was given,, would you add me please.

I love a woman with curves who is proud of them...Hollywood be damned!

Thanks fir the support but Im def not saying anything is wrong with hollywood or models or people who prefer skinny woman. We all have preferences and different god given bodies. If your big boobed, dont be shy, be proud! But overall I encourage everyone tk be proud of course!

All I'm saying is that I see comments like Joan Rivers' against naturally curvy girls and it's infuriating...sexiness comes in all sizes and it seems that there is some jealousy in that area, even though the women commenting in that direction have had PLENTY of "plastic assistance" themselves. Just know that there are men out there that think women like you are HOT without augmentation of any kind, and it does seem that Hollywood prefers a more Lolita like figure, aka the Lindsey Lohan flat as a ten year old boy look instead of her natual curves.

Well said both of you... I love a woman with curves but really appreciate them if they are proud of what they got naturally and are confidant with it.

U go GF. xx ANN

you have gorgeous pairs that I really love
big boobs are great and wonderful to have
girls with big boobs like you should be proud of having them
I'm looking forward to be ur friend can u please add me

My wife's boobs are big, but yours are bigger--and much sexier. You are also very beautiful and photogenic. I hope you'll share some pictures of your breasts completely uncovered. The thought makes me hard--sorry if that's not what you wanted to hear--but it's true!


You're a very attractive young lady and you seem wise beyond your years!!

That's a GREAT thing to see in my sisters!! I like your attitude and I'd like to get better acquainted with you. I would appreciate you being my friend and learning more about each other.

Thanks in advance! I look forward to your reply and friendship,



yes Madam they are a gift...a big gift in your case..:)))Be proud of them.. they are have a beautiful face with a good size breast- these are the dreams of the guys.. <br />

You are one special lady! Best of luck to you.

Yes dear you are so right! You should be proud!!!

You have an amazing gift to give the right man!

Thank you =)

You go girl! ^-^

idk what's sexier, your body or your confidence about it, now don't think I'm not paying attention to the lovely face, but beautiful would be the adjective I'd apply to it rather than sexy

Love your comment! thx!

Way to go! We are BIg and we are Proud! Well said!

I know! Trust me, as per usual Male I love big breasts on a man but when ladies say they have, let's say a pair of DD's. Other guys freak out and wolf whistle, I find that size to be not that big a deal. Guess it's just my way of thinking...

Size or lack of size is no big deal, and it shouldn't be. Its how you were made!

You have a great attitude, Maria. I wish that more big boobed girls would take pride in their girls.

Big hip, big boob, big butts idc! Girls need PRIDE!

Yup, and there are so many girls that are starving themselves to get the body of a 10 year old boy. Real men prefer meat, not bones. If you've got 'em, love 'em!

That's very rare that a "gifted" woman is so proud of her breasts. I LOVE your attitude as you are very right in being proud of your breasts. And as you like your body and don't mind to show off what mother nature gave you you are even sexier.

THANK YOU! My whole family has big boobs, I could wake up tomorrow with an extra cup size and not bat an eye lash. LOVE YOUR BODY!

you are so right, to be so confident and so happy, I'd LOVE to have that confidence and happiness.

Well said Maria.

Thank you! Sometimes frustration can be constructive