The Sometimes Humorous Issues Of Having Big Boobs

I have a love hate relationship with my boobs & I think the negatives can vastly outweigh the positives in many cases especially health issues, however these antidotes may just raise a smile or two!

1. hilarious pickup lines
2. Can always hail a taxi in the rain
3. Can recycle lost popcorn
4. You know where to look for lost earrings
5. The cops always let you off if they stop you for any reason & you forget to put on your seatbelt
6. fearless eye makeup experimentation (because who’s really looking up there anyway?!)
7. babies doing that head-turning & groping “feed me?” thing when you hold them
8. attracting guys with mommy issues
9. getting checked out 10x more often than the average female (i.e. when you’re on the treadmill, covered in sweat, ketchup, mud, etc. )
10. inability to tell the difference between foreplay and breast exams
11. really original nicknames at school
12. random gay men feeling you up at all times
13. random women of various ages/sexual orientations asking if they can feel you up
14. more hugs than you know what to do with
15. better service at restaurants, bars, the post office, grocery stores, and DIY stores
16. bitchy looks, comments, and attitudes from jealous/enraged females who wish they could have better service at restaurants, bars, the post office, grocery stores, and DIY stores
17. built in flotation devices (convenient, since life jackets are fashion suicide)
18. awesome excuse for getting out of gym class (“I forgot my sports bra!)
19. great cleavage without a push up bra
20. great cleavage without a low cut shirt
21. ability to make even the most zen yogi blush when you attempt plow pose/shoulder stand
22. free drinks, free samples, free personal training
23. People giving up their seats on a crowded train or bus as they think you may be pregnant
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7 Responses May 10, 2012

Loved boobs any size since I was a teenager. Older family members with cuddles gave me opportunity to feel them pressing into me. And seeing odd topless member. Then gfs who let me do more.

u seem so attractive
love to know more about u and talk u more if u kindly add me too

nice! my gf of 5 yrs now is a 38 DDD. on a small frame with a great ***.she was always thought of as a free by her ex . who wasnt into ****! its taken some time and i do love her ****, eyes , *** and mouth ! She knows her big beautiful **** are just a part of why l love her ~ would love to suckle you busty babe ! mmmm

Love the list

lol at least you have a sense of humor. my dance instructor had a straight body but was unusually busty for her size. people thought they were implants. they were real.

I'm not very busty, but i was developed before most other girls and those awkward stares like I didn't know weren't too fun.

Great , add me please

You have a great sense of humor (and tolerance). Sadly it is true.