Are People Ashamed Of Their Big Boobs Like I Am ?

I seriously hate my boobs. I am a 36 D and I am a petite girl. I am 5'1 and 95 pounds. I always get attention when I go to places. Guys can't help but stare and I get embarrassed. Why is it that woman want their boobs to be bigger. I just don't understand. My friends and family make fun of my size. They also hurt my back and they caused me problems with my ex. He wanted pictures of them badly and they just make me insecure about myself. I can't wear anything without my cleavage showing. Girls are always constantly giving me dirty looks which makes my esteem go even lower. I just hate it so bad and also how can you find the right bra. I have push up bras and they help with support but it's so hard to find the right bra.
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...never b ashamed of them

Its something that takes time to feel comfortable with your boobs. Its especially hard when you are younger and more self conscious. I think you will learn to love them. Make sure you get a good bra fitting though and sort out the back pain! For me I found I kind of grew into them - physically and with maturity.

Realize what you cannot change and then realize that there is no use in being upset about those kinds of things. Understand and learn to love you body, remember, we are all flawless. It is just quite a journey to that realization. As far as men, unwanted attention and pressure, you have to think of it as a constant. Men will be men, accept that and learn ways to politely (or not so polietly) sho them away. After a while these exchanges will no longer worry you but instead make you laugh. Don't let them make you feel inferior or uncomfortable, your the one with the desirables in this situation, remember that!

you are still young, and very pretty too, by the way, Life is funny, as we grow up we listen to what others say take it to heart, Even when parents tell us don't listen to those people. Sad thing is when we're young in those influentual years, we don't listen to our parents, They don't understand, (right). But as we get older and wiser, those words from our parents come back to us, annd maybe they did know,and were right. We realize Why did waste all those years listening to other people that never even knew me. ( Long winded comment), ANYWAY,listen to the ones that know and love you ,not those that want to bring you down. Stay possitive, smiles to you.

Well fitting bras are a must! They make sure you are comfortable, and can maximize or minimize as desired. I think of my breasts as the perfect fashion accessory, even if they are kind of hard to shop for at times.

Thanks I'm learning to love them and finding the right bra to support them while they show beautiful cleavage. Thanks so much for the advice I'll sure take advantage of them;) <3

I always wonder if you we're alone on a deserted island, and nobody looked at or teased or made fun would you still hate them? The answer is probably not...which tells you that you're probably not the one with the problem. Love your girls... And they will reward you. Also, wait until you start going to clubs in college. Nobody questions if you are under age, and people will buy you lots of free drinks! Learn to leverage their power to your advantage... You'll love them then.

Might as well a whole body workout lol I'll do that. Yeah you have to try on the bras because some of them are meant for wider backs which annoys me lol thanks so much :)

Your absolutely right and thanks for the advice. I'll try those back exercises I need the support. I'll probably research online and find a good bra .

You're very welcome. =) Yeah, you could probably look up exercises that would help on the net. Don't forget your stomach either. Getting your stomach stronger and better conditioned also helps give your back support, helping share the load. Yeah you could check out reviews online. With my gf at the time and I, we'd just go to a store and she'd try on SEVERAL different bras and sizes to help find good fitting ones. She'd judge the comfort, and both of us would judge the look. It takes a bit of time, but once you get a good one or a few, you're set for a while. I'm glad to have helped though. Let me know if you have any questions or anything. =)'s probably your perspective. Try to look more at what you're seeing and saying. You're always getting attention when you go places, and you don't understand why women want their boobs bigger? That's just it right there. They -want- that attention. Boobs are like having a beautiful face, not like having some gross defect. People are looking because they like what they're seeing. If your friends and family wouldn't tease you because of your boobs, they'd tease because of something else if you didn't have them. Teasing happens, even with good things. There are exercises you can do that help your back. Women have breasts MUCH bigger than 36D and their back is fine because they keep fit. A lot of girls like them because they make them MORE secure. The girls that give you dirty looks shouldn't make your esteem go lower, but higher instead. They're being jealous of you being blessed with them, jealous of the stares you'd get. It really is tough to find a good bra, I agree with you there. I've shopped plenty of times for bras with my gf at the time. Try to see the positive side in it. There are quite a few large breasted women here, read through things they say and talk with them and I think you'll feel better. I hope this helps.