My Boobs Are Freaking Me Out!

Yes, they are huge! And everyone - even on the street, even in the supermarket wants to touch them! I love my friends to play with them for example in the cafe in front of all the strangers, this makes me crazy. And the maddest thing is when they pop up out of the bra when I'm not alone...mmmm...
GiantBoobs GiantBoobs
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49 Responses Dec 6, 2012

Very sexy!

they just want to say hi. :P

It's natural that everyone wants to handle them. The most stress-free approach is to let them and to enjoy the attention

sweet ! ld love to be your friend ! mmmmmm

Would love to spend a weekend with you. Please add me.

nice!!! Would luv to be your friend :P

damn, i would love to see them pop out

how are you doing with this? are they still freaking you out? are they still growing?

Damn. How do I become one of your friends? ;)

Please add me.

You are an exciting Lady and your **** look awesome. Please add us so that we can see them in their naked glory.

Aw! I love you baby.

From my nickname and friends you can guess my immense interest in big boobs. Please add me. It only makes sense. LOL

Please add me
I am a huge boob fan! and find your experiences very exciting!

please add me

Please add me!

I would loooove to see what treasure you are hiding.
Please add me!!

Well now many of us wish were around for that to happen!

Well Boobs, If you want to loose a couple of cup sizes, I'd gladly take them from you. I'm a full C cup now so I suppose a DD would not be that big a deal. I love having some cleavage to show.

Friend me, please! I'd like to see it, too!


That would be Wonderful , Love 2 see that !!

Well, wonderful! It's great when boobs just want to be free!

Mmmmm indeed !!!!

I wish I had boobs like that. I whould show them off too. Going to talk to my Doc in afew days to see if she will help me change my body some. Wish me the best thanks Billie

Friend me please. I want to see your sexy ****.

That sure would be Awesome 2 see Baby !! I'd Love 2 see U'r Beautiful BooBs Baby .

mmmm good story! but do the nipples get very hard?

of course they do

Your profile picture is very beautiful ! it really shows off your gorgeous **** babe ! yummy cleavage too ! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

what are friends for ...they know how to make you feel great ...add me ...would love to see your pics & comment on them

The "sisters" look awesome. Post some pictures of them, show off tat women hood of yours!

really, wao. so they are telling u that its time for them to get more than kisses. So girl u should find ur friend who gave u those kisses for half an hour. promote him to a suckler.
best wishes

That's great you love your own breasts and I'm probably no exception that I'd LOVE to see and touch them !

Since we look, we are pigs? I don't think GiantBoobs has that opinion.

I obviously need to find your supermarket. ;)

hehe thats so naughty


I do not see how any man would not like your story.....I know I do!

I am dying to see them...would you please add me?

very nice

mmmm...would love to play with them :D

sounds wonderful!

YOur friends are very lucky

Sounds like your boobs love the attention

ammmmmmm,,,,,,,,........... lovely i love big boobs. . . wanna see them. . .

my bra fits well, but when i have o take something from the ground... guess what - a boob or two out :) :) it's not easy

whats not easy?

Maybe you need to be measured for a new bra if your boobs pop out.

I'd love to play with your boobs in front of strangers.... or anywhere for that matter...

Hehehe this is funny!

The things you go through for us guys. THANK YOU!!!!!!