Girls that are lactating Im wondering if I could start doing it or if I should. I already have big boobs how much bigger will they get? Plus Is there someway to donate it? I'm a asking this stuff because I got ask this stuff today lol
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Although infusing lactation CAN increase breat size it doesn't always. My breasts went from a 38 D to a 38 G. A girlfriend of mine stayed completely the same (her boobs were already huge) also note that when your milk comes in your breasts will be swollen and full and over time they will go down.
I'm not sure where you live but there aren't really orphanages anymore (in the US or UK) but if you want to donate to a good cause donate to NICU's or any local hospitals/midwives. Good luck!

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there are milk banks you can donate to. most lactation nurses should know of at least a few places to go to and how to donate properly.

Why are you wanting to lactate? Are you just curious about the sensation, wanting to use your breasts for their primary function or interested in abf/anr? I'm sure there's a specialised market but there probably isn't a lot of call for true Wet Nurses, ie feeding babies. However, there is a whole community (admittedly small) that is interested in relationships based around adult breast feeding and the intense bond that develops between the couple.

Yeah I wanted to know what it feels like it feels awesome and I'm just giving it to orphanages